Celiac Week

We accommodate people who have gluten and lactose food allergies. People with Celiac Disease, as it is commonly called, and their families are able to come to Two Bars Seven for a country vacation and not have to worry about dietary complications.

This is our fifth season doing gluten-free vacation on our guest ranch for people with celiac disease. Our kitchen staff is well versed on delicious gluten-free menus. We can also accommodate other food allergies, as many go along with celiac related sensitivities, such as soy, sugar, and corn. With food allergies it is hard handle cross contamination when dinning out. We are celiacs ourselves and have this problem.
We post our ingredients and encourage you to see what's cooking in our gluten-free menu. Just let us know what your needs are and we are small enough to easily work them into our menu plan. We also have a refrigerator for your own special foods that you bring. Please contact us to talk about how we can provide for your food allergies.
Many of our celiac vacationers do not wish to ride as this fits their idea of a great vacation. We attract adventure travelers, with nearby white water rafting, ballooning and rock climbing. The wildlife viewing and nature walks are like nowhere else on earth. . We are an easy day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park Colorado, close to historical Native American areas, and next to the Oregon Trail with cavalry forts, stagecoach stations, and areas with dinosaur remains in Wyoming. There are rodeos and nightlife like Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo with country dancing and teen's night too. Look at the guest ranch activity page for some of the unbelievable selection of opportunities.
Here are some links to find more information on products and services for celiac disease, crohn's disease, or gluten intolerance. Other common associated diseases are: dermatitis herpetiformis and irritable bowel syndrome, and possible connections to diabetes and arthritis and even attention deficit disorder in children.

Organizations, Association and Celiac Sprue Support Groups:
Lifeline at the Celiac Sprue Association:
CSA Lifeline
  • or call (877) CSA-4-CSA
    Celiac Disease Foundation

  • Gluten Intolerance Group of North America

  • For international information use the word coeliac for the term celiac sprue or gluten intolerance.
    Crossed Grain Coeliac UK

  • Products and Services:
    There are many products and services available through these celiac support groups, organizations and magazines.
    Living Without magazine is officially called Sully's Living Without at

  • The Gluten-Free Mall online products and services at

  • Cross Grain Magazine of England for coeliac and dermatitis herpetiformis has a website called eXG E newsletter, where you can get a copy.

    Warning: Seek out a physician that specializes in this field through one of the gluten intolerance support groups, as it is very common to be misdiagnosed. Without proper diagnosis and diet restrictions, a person could developed irritable bowel syndrome, dermatitis hepetiformis, crohn's disease, arthritis, kidney disease and gastrointestinal disorders like candidiasis and even colon cancer. Autism and ADD in children have shown improvement by a gluten-free diet.

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